Floor Saw Cutting

  • By Sardar Asad Khosa

Stitch drilling overcomes the limitations caused by the maximum size of diamond drill bits by overlapping (or stitching) core holes together to form a larger hole. In this way you can create openings of unlimited size and shape, through any thickness of wall or floor. Large openings can…

Wall Saw Cutting

  • By Sardar Asad Khosa

There are several methods of concrete sawing, and Dubai Services team of professional concrete experts will choose the best one to suit your job requirements. We have vast experience using concrete cutting , wall saws, wire saws, and currently working to add on floor saws and concrete ring…

Wire Saw Cutting

  • By Sardar Asad Khosa

Dubai Services are able to remove large sections of concrete using diamond-studded wires. Wire sawing concrete is a special technique that allows the cutting and removal of huge segments of concrete, for example on bridges or reinforced columns. Wire sawing is a versatile method of cutting concrete, as…

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